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World Photography Day

Aside from being a bookworm, I like to capture moments. Sometimes the frozen moments speaks volume of stories unspoken, and sometimes the picture has some striking emotions attached to it.

Long lost past for someone. The memory of a moment so precious for another. Sometimes people keep each other updated about their lives through photographs. In a way photograph can be none less than a story. 

Few days ago, I was walking by the streets when I saw something which pulled me back into some distant past and made me smile to myself. I will share the picture along with the few lines of my memory. 

The tinge of melancholy still hung in the air as I walked through the rain drenched lanes of my city. This city has proudly walked into the future retaining the wounds of the past along with it. The old worn out buildings are on the verge of collapse still, as if like a wise old man standing upright protecting and guarding their history right until their death. The multi lingual and multi-cultural city has left the signs of its diversity everywhere from the monuments to the by lanes. And while walking with a heavy heart, through the narrow lanes, I came across this ever so insignificant art work, unnoticed and uncared of. Still intact, in this gloomy weather refusing to fall apart. 
There was nothing about the picture we can call it as masterpiece, but this made me remember of a time back in past, a much happier time. The loud beating of the ‘Dhak’ and the smell of ‘Dhunuchi’ indicated the beginning of the most awaited festival. Throngs of people, moving about from one place to another, and the horns of the cars wailing in high pitch, waiting for the green signal. Randomly at some pandal we can hear the speakers blaring out a random song, and there is some child roaming about aimlessly unaware of his destination. It is the time of the year the street food stalls migrate within the city and the traffic comes to a standstill. The chaos of this festive season was an experience of a lifetime. There is devotion, joy as well as sadness that circles through the city in a continuous manner. It is the time of the year when the city lights up inside out and people reunite with their allies after a yearlong wait. 

But after the festive season is over, the gloom over the city thickens as the chaos falls back into complete silence. The skeleton of the evanescent happiness remains as a relic from the immediate past and some survives till the next season until it is pulled down.  

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From reflection to shadows, they all whisper silent tales.

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  1. really…..that was such a flawless piece….and so is the photograph. well done boy! i loved how you described this city. i wish i could write the way you do

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