About Me

I’m trying to weave peace through my pieces. A subtle art of curing me along with others. When I fail to find a place in this beautiful World of ours, I adhere to my words until they fall from my translucent arms. They splatter on the pages randomly like those Jumbled Letters until the chaos is enough to find order through it. An order that hides behind in ways which can deceive the reader at times, and the most trifle things have a deep deep wound or a scar that speaks volume in itself.

While reading my words, you can feel the sensation through your porous skin, a gentle touch of words that will caress you and sometimes hold you tight when you are falling. It won’t stop you from falling but rather protect you in the flight. We don’t know which way we are going in mid-flight and though initially we feel like end up running in circles, its more like an infinity loop with an oath of forever. A forever with dates and imperfections, and which is as finite as infinity. You know infinity is a feeling and it just stays with you everytime something good happens. Hopefully I will make you feel at home, a home shaped infinity.

You are welcome. :’)