Through my closed eyes, I can feel the light filtering through the curtains, transforming into a pale-yellow hue and bathing my face, exposing my scars. I squeeze both of my eyelids tight, so that no light passes through my translucent skin in the hope of letting myself disappear from this room. My ears wander off... Continue Reading →



Fiction|491 Words That day, we fought for almost an hour. The rain was falling silently on the leaves and the grey sky was streaked with black clouds pouring all their reserves. I stood on my ground refusing to give in to despair. My skin was burning with agony, and my heart was already consolidating my... Continue Reading →

Autumn Winds

Like a shift from, the gloom to the pleasant melancholy of human emotions, the season changes gradually at its own pace. The turbulent nature gives in to the dry spell of the autumn, where everything slows down as if, they are being observant soaking up the beauty all around. The wind has a feeble resistance,... Continue Reading →

The Vice

FICTION/ SHORT STORY 2,450 WORDS When I got into the college few years back I've never wanted to join this so called revolutionary movement, as 'they' are still claiming it day in day out over the speakers at the college campus.     But as the numbers grew, more of them started becoming overtly aware of... Continue Reading →

Emptiness Inside Me

It has been long since I've written something and as the days are passing by, the time I have last written seems archaic. Sometimes, I sit down at the desk with the pen and the paper and try to write down the words, that come to my mind in the light of the moment. But... Continue Reading →

Festive Blog #Day 1

More of a photo blog than a written account, but I hope of covering everything that had happened throughout the day. Durga Puja, a widely celebrated festival in Kolkata, and it is Bengali's own "Festival of lights." The melancholy of this festive seasons trails through the hustle and bustle of the busy streets. We live... Continue Reading →

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