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“When was the last time you visited that place?”

She asked, as we made way through the narrow lane among the uprights, the wider ones with windows. The burning smell of some factory, polluting the broken air around me, shattering into bits and pieces until they become as fragile as ashes. Continue reading “Monochrome”

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Sometimes I feel we are woven from the same piece of cloth, battered old and always removing the stains from the scarlet fibers that runs inside of us entangled by those intricate patterns that it is hard to remove what they bind together, the love passion and emotions. The ragged fabrics are made of scars, millions of them, some physical and most imaginary, every one of which have a magical realism attached to it.

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Contradictions with certainty

It was not before,
The innumerable outings, the adventure trips and the endless journey to the workspace I generally rely on, that my life started settling deeper into the cushion of comfort. But, in the past years or rather the years ahead from those days, that I realised—–me being in a point of life, where things easily get saturated. The same old routine that drives us over our heels until we topple over. So I decided, to capture this world in my childhood fantasy.

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