Emptiness Inside Me

It has been long since I've written something and as the days are passing by, the time I have last written seems archaic. Sometimes, I sit down at the desk with the pen and the paper and try to write down the words, that come to my mind in the light of the moment. But... Continue Reading →



Looking through the window of the darkroom, I have always imagined myself lying on the meadow closing my eyes feeling the wind caressing my hairs and running down my nose over the swellings of my breast down to the lower part of my body. I would simply stare at the blue sky my thoughts wandering... Continue Reading →

Closely Far

They say, we realize the importance of a person when he or she is far away from us. Then why do I feel the same? The same urge to hold you from behind. The same urge to kiss you when you are sleeping. Or the same urge to cuddle with you. Perhaps this wasn't the... Continue Reading →

Queen of Hearts 

You are the queen of hearts, I'm the ace of this house of cards. You look into my blood red eyes,  Through your tattered soul, Of your misshapen cries.   You bestow upon me with the madness of this realm, I steer through this chaos clutching tight, the uncontrollable helm. I am lured under your... Continue Reading →

Difficult Phase

Yes it is about difficult phase in one's life.  I don't know what opinions to share or life advices to give, but in this I will definitely try to write about my honest feelings.  I have this strange habit of acknowledging the presence of clouds everywehre. Every fictitious story to real life events often start... Continue Reading →

Chaotic Peace

A light breeze caressed the edges of the grass cover and made its way through the meadows. I sit here, on this arm-chair, trying to inhale your essence, but they say, you are now a shining star in the night sky. I haven't questioned, them but they always try to comfort my soul, with fake... Continue Reading →

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