The The fire that you ignited once is still burning beneath the ashes. Waiting to radiate the warmth in a subtle manner, A manner so obscure and uncanny, That it will send chills down your spine and freeze my memory forever in your cold heart. ©Jumbled Letters 2018.


Dear Mom

If you haven't read my pervious post Deep into the Abyss give it a read. This is a sequel to that post.                                  I'm sitting under the shadow of the tree on your gravestone, murmuring under my breath the rhymes you taught... Continue Reading →


I wake up to the sound of rain splattering on the window pane.  I had a feeling that, if I look out of my window I will see the skyline of Kolkata as well as hear the buzzing sound of the cars from below.  But much to my disappointment the skyline was grey and there... Continue Reading →


I will keep this short.  When I actually started blogging, I have never thought of getting 100 followers ( a little more now). I still wonder how did it happen. But there is a realisation that, I should rather enjoy this moment that spend my time wondering.  During these few months I have came across... Continue Reading →

Deep into the Abyss

There was a longing or perhaps a wild wish for everything becoming perfect once again. But the reveries had n​o real world existance, and all that she experienced was pain, chaos and a feeling of despair. She despised herself for his situation, and even on somedays would go up to the extent of hurting herself.... Continue Reading →

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