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A Wish, terminal

Now, I don’t think about survival. But before dying, I have the courage to ask myself one last time, “Is there any last wish, Mr. before your death?” I paused and inhaled the dampness of the imaginary coffins, the incoherent sadness of those who have already passed on, the exuberance of the inanimate air hovering anxiously around me.

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Contradictions with certainty

It was not before,
The innumerable outings, the adventure trips and the endless journey to the workspace I generally rely on, that my life started settling deeper into the cushion of comfort. But, in the past years or rather the years ahead from those days, that I realised—–me being in a point of life, where things easily get saturated. The same old routine that drives us over our heels until we topple over. So I decided, to capture this world in my childhood fantasy.

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