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I am always in awe of how things change over the fractured time. The silence change, the feelings change, the life changes. So do people around us. It a continuous process of evolving, that brings about this catastrophe of changes in humans with some getting hurt with existance of others.

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Living in

The swirling smokes of caracas wishes rising upward through the shrivelled skies of blue time, which chokes, anticipate and even prevade the localities of scanty living. A mangosteen fruit ripening in this penury is a magician’s miracle of square meals a day.

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You left as silently as you arrived.
The monsoon has slowly seeped into damp stale presence of mine as the cracks have fallen into the folds of life. A fold shaped womb that nurtures the cracks making them wider for me to fall across everytime. The everytime of always. An infinitesimal abyss of incoherence. A home of those living carcass.

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