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Probabilities Away


Since, childhood I have always been afraid of the silence. That silence which hangs between the words, silence that hangs between the sadness and the silence that hangs between the bitterness. It was those moments, I have feared of finding the ‘real me’ in myself than the person I have always thought myself to be.

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Transcending Barriers

In those nights, when you sit quietly by the window, looking at the stars, I bury my head in the small of your back and feel your anxieties seeping through your translucent skin.

In the cold of the night, we transcend barriers of communication into something surrealistic something fascinating. Our silence communicate with each other discreetly tying us together into eternal bond of love. More tightly than the last time

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Silver Lining

The rain drops were tickling down her nose and cheeks. She looked up at the sky and felt the rain drops falling straight on her face as if the sky was shattered into thousand pieces, falling one by one. The thunderous roar by the clouds were not out of vengeance, but of the unfathomable pain they were going through. They were in despair just like mankind and were, seeking redemptions for the sins they have committed.

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Mind Games

I am all ears.

Listening to the wind — time in disguise, running through the shapes of my body, to my lower abdomen from in between the legs to the foot, until the feel disappears but the sensation prevails. Time has always been the caped crusader doing justice at night, when you lie awake on your bed staring at the ceiling running through your emptiness searching for the moment that has passed by.

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