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All I Don’t Know

I don’t know about a lot of things.
I don’t know about a lot of ways how to and how not to.

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The cadaverous claustrophobia of infinity
The imbecile allusion of termination.

The sands of infinite affections
In an impatient hourglass.

The pause between numbers,
In an uncountable havoc.

The curvature of your lips,
Slithering through the narrow gape.

The throw of eternal firmament
In a yellow hued canvas.

The relentless synonymous decay
Of this enticing Scarlett.

The circles we ride upon,
Until the battery dies.


#Napowrimo day 11, poem 5.

© Jumbled Letters.

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You are liberal,

You are free,

Your sins are at my mercy,

But you are my Bree. 

I cry on the lethal edge,

Of your sharpened knife.

I cry on the wounds,

Of  my punctured pride.

All I see is your devilish grin,

But the fear of

Your demeanor mean, 

Causes my heart to ache, 

A beating sound so comfortably fake, 

That numbs my senses so does my soul,

Until it quits

The viscious hole.

©Jumbled Letters 2018. 


 I dont even know if this is a legit poem. But I just wanted to share with you all and know about your opinions. Not active so much lately, as I’m running about from ideas to ideas unable to shape them. 

Thank You for your support as a week back my blog just got 200 followers. I found a family in this community.