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A Part for a Whole

Body Parts, 

Have a wistful smell  

Of a Mojave landscape. 

The purplish anguish hovers, 

In the nightscape of cosmos.  

Reasons withdrawn and eyes opaque. 

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I am always in awe of how things change over the fractured time. The silence change, the feelings change, the life changes. So do people around us. It a continuous process of evolving, that brings about this catastrophe of changes in humans with some getting hurt with existance of others.

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The Solitary Being

Being solitary
Does make you think
About your existence.

Yet you know
About the peace in a way
Other people cannot comprehend.

Being solitary
Makes you vulnerable
To the wind that blows against you.

Yet you can see
The bruises on your arms
That remind the resilient self in you.

Being solitary
Makes you invisible
To the people around you.

Yet when you look
Into the flawed mirror,
Yourself you can see with distinct clarity.

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