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I am always in awe of how things change over the fractured time. The silence change, the feelings change, the life changes. So do people around us. It a continuous process of evolving, that brings about this catastrophe of changes in humans with some getting hurt with existance of others.

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You left as silently as you arrived.
The monsoon has slowly seeped into damp stale presence of mine as the cracks have fallen into the folds of life. A fold shaped womb that nurtures the cracks making them wider for me to fall across everytime. The everytime of always. An infinitesimal abyss of incoherence. A home of those living carcass.

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In My Feelings

Every time I thought about writing something to you, I have always failed in some way or the other. Whenever I try to search for appropriate words I stare into nothingness as all my attempts become futile and there is never enough of the words to form a perfect sentence. Yet, this time I’ve finally managed to put the jumbled words and my jumbled feeling into places, which may seem distasteful and may fill you heart with agony, but this is all I can afford for now.

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