Falling in love with someone

A silent revolution, that matches with the ups and downs of chemicals churning in your whole body. Sometimes it’s just an out of sync feeling that betrays your olfactory senses along with the reasoning that so suitably fitted until then.

Being sceptical about love, and hitting a roadblock is your moment of “I just know” and what if you are permitted to use many more letters than the twenty six of them?

Still you won’t find anything to describe even metaphorically. (Don’t fool me.) And just like that it happens how much you try to deny the inevitable.

These moments are non existent to you until then, but when it approaches first slowly then with rapidity but with a sense of calm, I believe that those are the most beautiful feelings one can have and savour. A silent retribution to the person in interest and something more. Some days, when everything gets chaotic you still find yourself looking at that person and smiling just like that. Trust me, heartstrings are like harp, that very tiny moment spanning milliseconds may create the ripple which most of the times you will not know. And while be in it, just their presence beside you may mean the world to you.

But love won’t magically solve anything as well. You will love them despite knowing they may not love you back, infact if they do, that is another story to tell. All we want is to belong to somewhere, someplace and that journey is like a paradox, while we want us to belong there, they start belonging to us somehow. The melancholy of not having and the happiness of still getting something, is just as bittersweet as it can be.

PS: Inspired by the movie Dil Chahta Hai (2001)

Copyright Jumbled Letters


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