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The narrow creeks, all over this place runs away from the hills to places uncharted and often find themselves back into the civilization.

I stood by one such creek and watched the water running down with turbulence sworn to secrecy, carrying fine grains of sand along with it. The grains are like time, once it leaves your eyesight it never returns again.
The silence was resonating among the tress, as I stood in the heart of the forest, inhaling the essence and drowning my eyes with the sight of the lifeless trees.

This winter has taken away all the colors from this world, only to let this world hibernate beneath the lifeless grey. I walk through the forest towards the old tree, which has stored volumes of stories unspoken. And just like we have faded over the years, the stories have become a distant memory of much happier times.

Cautiously, I dig the ground for the lost treasure, as the damp soil feels ice cold beneath my palm, yet the warmth of her reverberating memories helped me dig deeper and deeper until I’m exhausted with the emotions that have flooded inside me, to drown my conscience.

The paper has turned yellow over the months of its isolation and it smells of a place somewhere distance, yet there was a familiarity in that smell which was impalpable to human senses.

Dear Raghu,

I’m still drowning in my misery. The world is moving around me with a brisk pace, yet I’m standing still in that moment where you held my hand for the first time five years back.
There was a subtle peace in you, which always allowed me to get lost into your uncharted territory and often have helped me to cross boundaries of my soul.

And over this brief exploration I’ve sped past so many rugged terrains within you that the outside you no more feels realistic. All you ever did was to cower behind your mask.
Yet with the exception of a lifetime, you welcomed me into this badland, and now here I’m standing alone, you no more holding my hand.

Yet I’m forgiving you to seek for the peace within myself. Your Peace. The peace which has extinguished the chaos within me. The peace which has let me trace your fingers with mine and stitched them together with our soul. The peace which is now enlightening me.

I could feel the tears rushing down the cheeks tracing my lips down to my chin. I stood there, listening to my chaotic mind searching for the peace which I could no more find withing myself.

Β©Jumbled Letters 2018.



From reflection to shadows, they all whisper silent tales.

28 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. We all are acquainted with the various human emotions..but the truly creative and much insightful beings can bring them to paper as good as u just didπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
    A wonderful note

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  2. The peace which has let me trace your fingers with mine and stitched them together with our soul. ,……….the beauty and depth of these words transcends you to another world ……. brilliant work Amartya.

    Liked by 2 people

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