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Iridescent me

I can see the sky,
Standing on the wrong
Side of being right,
The roots run deeper,
Into celestial silence,
Into perforations,
where the diluted blood,
bathed in white lies
leak though my sins.

Among the deforested willows,
I chase sunsets, and
I find my roots uprooted.
The parasite feeding me in reverse,
A gratefulness of a century,
In debt of a millennium

The treacherous ‘me’
Against the faithful ‘me’,
With bitter mono oxide in between,
the sweet scented smell,
of stale emotions, burning
under the blacks of my eyes.

The aura of irresistible betrays,
The ignorance, the helplessness,
soaks through the marrow,
reciprocating under my pillow,
Among the call of the haunted owl.

©Jumbled Letters.



From reflection to shadows, they all whisper silent tales.

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