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I have always fancied silhouettes, because of the mysterious co-existence of darkness and at opposite face there is that inconspicuous light that gives us an idea of the presence of something but never really revealing it to us.

There is guesswork and interpretations but nothing can confirm the true presence of what is ahead.

In life, as the years have progressed steadily and as the pillows have gotten heavier, some bursting into cotton balls, Iโ€™ve realized that humans are silhouettes. We can always know a person by walking beside them, sharing bitter and sweet moments in the relationship and sometimes fighting at critical junctions, but all we see is the shadowy region where light and darkness, play with our senses and there is always guess work and interpretations, no one actually confirming them.

No matter how much you are acquainted with that person, or how close they have become over time, all they give us is the sensation of their presence beside us, never truly revealing the way they exist.

ยฉJumbled Letters. 20/02/19.



From reflection to shadows, they all whisper silent tales.

19 thoughts on “Silhouettes

  1. This is such a powerful message and profound thought, Amartya! So much truth in your words. We never really know the people we walk beside in that deep way and, in a sense, many things in life are like silhouettes. Many mysteries we will never really solve, many questions we will never really know the answers to. But we see their presence and can only wonder about the things unseen. This was so beautifully written! I love it! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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  2. I love silhouettes, as you said I love the contrast of the darkness in the object of importance and the dim light that becomes the background. It’s so beautiful. And people are just like that too. We can only guess who they are but never truly know them.
    I love your writing Amartya.

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