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Thoughts of today

Too much life in one picture.

The presence of so many humans have always, compelled me in way, but this time the I had this opportunity of experiencing the lavish feeling of being a stranger. While no one could give us, the feeling of ‘you don’t belong here’ as everyone irrespective of their identity was lost in the sea of heard mentality, a metaphor in a way. We were gradually descending down the stairs following other, looking forward into the nothingness. We all belonged there at that point of time, but never could actually belong to that feeling of spirituality, as we have put the purpose of fulfilment ahead of the faith and believe.

Calling out with a pitch higher, can never fulfill your material cravings, rather believing in the bumpy ride and having faith in the way you are progressing with all your ammunitions, gives you the sensation of solace and fulfilment, and sometimes a visionary of the time ahead.

Bad times don’t last, all happiness neither, but all we can do is sail through the uncharted territories bearing a cautious fear in our faith, and that is how we can communicate with the concealed energy inside of us.

©Jumbled Letters. 17/02/19



From reflection to shadows, they all whisper silent tales.

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