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Where is sadness?

Where is sadness?
Dancing among the mahogany
Refusing to be the taste between your lips?

The wry nights and flickering lights,
Making it disapper into the the embrace,
He is wrapping tightly around you.

You close your eyes,
And feel the darkness on your skin,
Making you warm and talking in whispers.

“Is it the sadness? “
You wonder in between his breaths,
And gulping the reasons you refuse.

The ink stains of fear,
Diffuse into the solitary moonlight,
Flooding and consuming through the fall.

Heavy eyelids, and an inflated heart,
Making you restless from within,
Until you hear the beating of the solace.

One beat, two beat, three beat,
And on and on it goes.
Until love escapes from the parted,

Lips, quiver in hallucinations,
As you fall more and more into the darkness,
Breathing in his tranquility.

Β©Jumbled Letters 2019.

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From reflection to shadows, they all whisper silent tales.

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