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Autumn Winds

Like a shift from, the gloom to the pleasant melancholy of human emotions, the season changes gradually at its own pace. The turbulent nature gives in to the dry spell of the autumn, where everything slows down as if, they are being observant soaking up the beauty all around.

The wind has a feeble resistance, which when caress the shape of your face makes you aware of the time passing and the new grey lock adding to the existing ones. The tress, after a season full of fruits and flowers hibernate into a cold silence where the yellow leaves fall off the branches, indicating another year end.

The dry autumn winds, makes me remember about your emotionless face. The black spots which were barely visible from distance, and the white bloodless cheeks. Your, eyes were darker shade of brown, and every time, I praised your beauty, like a wise woman suppressing the happiness under the slight curve of your lips, you would mouth the little β€œO” which would make your cheeks flush red.

The clarity of your memory like a frozen icicle is slowly melting away into cold water. The distance is widening with each and every day, in fear of getting invisible once again. This has been a great bewilderment for me, as every time I felt myself detached from me, I would always end up thinking about you. We were so close to us, that there was no me and no you.

Leaning against the window, feeling the cold breeze on my face, looking at the solitary moon, I kept on think about you, the way you used to slither through the rooms like a mass less entity, tearing through the autumn air nourishing my dry emotions. Your fragrance still lingers in the darkness refusing the smell of the incense to take over. The festive lights enriches the darkness into a grim shade of grey, causing the memories of us to fall off my mind just like the dry leaves in a deciduous tree.

I stand under the moonlight, bathing in its loneliness, waiting for your arrival from the world beyond, just like the spring. Nourishing my frozen heart into your warm embrace.



From reflection to shadows, they all whisper silent tales.

37 thoughts on “Autumn Winds

  1. Things fall sometimes in place sometimes apart. Autumn is a beautiful season even with its melancholy vibes.❀️ Love the way it ended almost like yellow withering leaf breathing its last air.

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  2. , I kept on think about you, the way you used to slither through the rooms like a mass less entity, tearing through the autumn air nourishing my dry emotions

    This is beautiful πŸ’“

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