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Accelerating, I suppose,
The dance of death inside,
Breathing in, breathing out,
The darkness moulded out,
Of tainted moonlight.

Footsteps fall, and rise,
One at a time, as it goes.
The noise closing into the null,
Making my sweat of claustrophia,
Clinging to the fabric of my fate.

With guestures unknown,
Hands rise and hands fall,
My mind swirlls with,
The music of helpless cries,
From faraway they call.

Inner consience toss,
Tap, tap, tap as they fall,
The world gets slower around,
Into the center they pull,
Amidst the thoughts I’m found.

Buzz buzz, as the hallway scream,
streaked with tensions, jealousy and unrest,
The silence between the words,
With milliseconds of peace, manifest
Deep within the forbidden lands.

I watch as they dance,
Moving, swaying, laughing
The adorable deaths holding hands.
Together they move,
And once in a while they glance
Towards the dark, where I stand.

Β©Jumbled Letters 2019.



From reflection to shadows, they all whisper silent tales.

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