Present Tense

Lets take one at a time,
I mean not an hour but day by day.
Why yearn for eternity?
When you know,
You cannot exist that much.

Maybe, the present is too expensive,
To live and die at the same time.
The future is all about speculations,
Then what about the past?
The forbidden place we cannot visit.

Fragile, we are against this breeze,
The breeze of time.
We prefer to flow with it, or rather
Sail towards the mouth of the storm?
Or maybe, to a place where the
Breeze cease to exist?
The realms are vivid, but
All we have is this moment.

We are holding onto nothing,
Then what keeps us together?
Not eternity, certainly not the past.
Then what?
Maybe the present, or maybe not?

The coexistence of us,
Our concious and subconscious mind,
Cannot interact at imaginary time,
Rather it needs time to imagine.
Then what makes our dreams nightmares?
Again, maybe the present, or maybe not?


©Jumbled Letters 2019

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