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What is uncertainty?

What is uncertainty?
Waking up every night,
To check if you are alive?

What is uncertainty?
Taking a risk without
The vision of what is beyond?
What is uncertainty?
The fear of whether,
She loves you or not?
What is uncertainty?
Progressing in the darkness.
Before getting lost?

What is uncertainty?
Not to understand,
You are beautiful or not?
What is uncertainty?
Afraid to face the truth,
That will burn you or not?
What is uncertainty?
Being vulnerable,
In the unlikeliest places?
What is uncertainty?
What I will write,
In the next line or so?

Β©Jumbled Letters 2018.



From reflection to shadows, they all whisper silent tales.

56 thoughts on “What is uncertainty?

  1. I really loved this, especially how you ended this poem. That uncertainty of wondering what will be next and it goes so perfectly with the message you’re sharing. Life is all about uncertainty. There are moments we will never be able to really predict, yet we keep on going. Really awesome poem, Amartya.


  2. Good flow of words. To me uncertainty happens when you expect things from life. It is that clash between what you want and what you don’t want to happen. Life becomes less complicated when we keep these expectations reasonable otherwise we fall into the darkness of depression

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    1. Yes. True absolutely.
      There is another perspective, I noticed, Just like a spoiler in a good story or a good movie, spoils the fun of watching and reading, it is because of these uncertainties, we enjoy living life. We wait for what happens tomorrow or next moment however good or bad it is. And thus we survive.

      Thanks a lot for appreciating, have Happy New Year.πŸ˜ƒ

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    1. Good answer!
      I also think that having in and around you faith is much more important. But sometimes faith draws in the inevitable uncertainty. 😊

      Thank You so much for reading. Have a Happy New Year.

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