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Festive Blog #Day 1

More of a photo blog than a written account, but I hope of covering everything that had happened throughout the day.

Durga Puja, a widely celebrated festival in Kolkata, and it is Bengali’s own “Festival of lights.” The melancholy of this festive seasons trails through the hustle and bustle of the busy streets. We live in the moment, rather than thinking about the future, as the uncertainty paints a grim picture of the days ahead.

And it is the time when memories are lived not created.

Walking among millions of people, sharing the same joy in our heart, the happiness resonates through every soul, some being expressive and some not.

In the morning, we met at our rendezvous point, before heading out to execute our plan. A complicated route with twist and turns along with the occasional crowd gatherings yet there was an invisible energy which was driving us forward.

Here are some pictures of the pandals we visited.

The Journey was indeed tiring, but it was an opportunity to explore the places less visited. The old pujas of “Bonedi Baris” to the new “Barowari” Puja. The purpose were all same, but the way everyone have presented was unique.

There was a certain pandal made of clay cups, which gave us the essence of the rural areas and also let us have a glimpse into the lives of the people living in those areas.

Stepping inside a pandal can take you millions of miles into some other place, all this while you stand on the same ground without even moving a foot.

The deity was goddess Durga, but there was something different in each and every clay structure of her in every pandal. There is a tough competition among the organizers to present the people with something unique which can uphold a meaning that runs in deep.

Kolkata has its own way of conveying to the world the issues which we face often. Some maybe trivial and some important, but in the light of the celebration and joy there is a deeper, meaning that escape most of the eyes.

The contrasting colours of the new clothes people wear to the colourful lights of the nighttime, the city decorates itself in multicolor spreading the joy and happiness of these transient moments through the millions of people out there.



From reflection to shadows, they all whisper silent tales.

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