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I don’t know how to arrange these six jumbled letters and carve out a proper meaning from it. Whatever way I have tried to arrange them, “Humans” seem the most disorganized and distasteful. Like an imaginary energy that has the power of annihilation, this word comprising of those six letters has a strong oppressiveness that is rapidly conquering my sanity.

The strange creature of this unique planet, or perhaps the strangest of all could have been given a different name, much simpler and with less letters but keeping it synonymous with all the complexities in which we have entangled ourselves, human stands upright and tall. So these six letters arranged and not arranged can define all the entangled mass of transient time frame “Life” in a single word. 

We, humans are more like scavengers for lies, the façade which can shine on our tarnished skin, reflecting the ray of reality back to its origin. Our lifeless eyes portray the worlds within us, the glimpse of this cursed world can burn down the bridges and can make the worlds collide. But the closer you come, the further you grow apart from yourself until you lose yourself forever. 

We try to find meaning in hopelessness and thrive in despair. We are chained to each other by our abominable thoughts and like an abandoned boat we sail through the upstream, never glancing back at the deep waters we are leaving behind. 

The sun is already setting down, so is my thoughts, but still I can feel the cursed city air caressing my face grazing the shape of my ears with a feeble turbulence, carrying all those curses and lies to some other part of the world like a silent messenger.
©Jumbled Letters 2018.


I have never intened to offend anyone through this post. I was having a very bad day that day, as the people around me whisper a lot of lies behind me. So I was stuck with the idea of writing this one. Though it somewhat defines the current position we are standing in, but that doesn’t mean it defines each and every human in billions. Just a vague description of thousands of selected people in my immediate surrounding.  

Having distaste towards that word, doesn’t necessarily indicates I hate everyone out there. It just saddens when I look around and see the crimes, family problems, relationship problems and many more. A decade back these rates were low as our lives were much simplier. 

I can promise eveyone out there, there will be something for all the good humans out there. Kind souls never betray my eyes. The best are always saved for later. Don’t take in the negative vibe. Just be aware and let us work toward a better world hand in hand. 

if you read my other posts you will know I’m not so “in-humane” after all. 

Just a bit pessimistic by nature. 😛



From reflection to shadows, they all whisper silent tales.

33 thoughts on “H.U.M.A.N.S

  1. There are some people who are selfless and good at the core. Maybe I have failed to appreciate them here, but they need much more than a paragraph. I will certainly write about the good some other time.

    PS : Pessimistic by nature.😁

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  2. True that. But we have our own share of good and bad, as the former cannot exists without the later.

    My mind sometimes strays off and brings in some harsh words, but not ‘everyone’ fits the definition of human in this piece.

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