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Closely Far

They say, we realize the importance of a person when he or she is far away from us.

Then why do I feel the same?

The same urge to hold you from behind. The same urge to kiss you when you are sleeping. Or the same urge to cuddle with you.

Perhaps this wasn’t the actual part. We were so much dependent on each other that, we forgot to live our life. We forgot to embrace all those difficulties and love each other. We forgot to become independent.

We tied ourselves with promises, with assurance and  false illusions. We caged our spirit and turned ourselves fragile.

They say wounds heal with time,

then why do every knock on my door still makes my heart race? 

In anticipation. The hope that you ignited once is still burning deep within covered by the ashes.

The feeling of emptiness has never being comforting. I am fatigued by the torments you brought upon me but day in day out I stare at the street through the broken windowpane, aimlessly waiting for the moment that will never come.
You know what is painful?

The memories. They are not only mine but yours.

The micky mouse clock to those tiny slippers, they are now the ghosts of the nightime. The live memories that lurk in the darkness waiting to be noticed.
In somedays my situation worsens and in those days I wear your stripped payjamas and that white shirt and wander through the rain drenched city in the hope of discovering you again the same way I did, ten years back.




From reflection to shadows, they all whisper silent tales.

34 thoughts on “Closely Far

  1. It is so beautiful! It talks of pain and saudade at the same time. 🙂
    I was struck right as I opened this page and I read you caption, “Shadows to reflection, they all whisper silent tales.” Mesmerizing, truly.

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  2. Very deep emotions, soul felt pain of a lost love never to be regained. It is how many feel when a close relationship ends like nothing ever existed for the other person. The few remaining items adorn the home to bring memories of pain of an unrequited love. Bless you.

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  3. that was love does to you..longing for those good old days,living with those precious memories…embrace those emotions..its really precious…

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  4. Some people who have left us are meant to be in our memory forever, but their departure from our life has certainly changed our life ….the change might be bitter at first, but time will prove its sweetness when unimagined, true love that is meant to stay forever comes knocking on your door again. By that time, you are certainly well-equipped to love again. ❤ I hope that I can add little brightness to your day.

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    1. Yes you did indeed. Your comment was so hopeful that it certainly made me feel better. Thank you so much.

      I also feel that misery in a person’s life never last. Its all about the time. 💕🤗

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  5. Amartya, you seem a reflection of my teen aged days. Heart breaks, loneliness and all that super stupid stuff. At times I feel it was uncalled for, but then it seems the natural way of growing up and learning to deal with emotions. I am sure you have had your part of learning and experiences which reflects in your mature thoughts. Beautifully penned !

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    1. Those days have taught me to be strong enough to handle the emotional issues of the future. Maybe we got upset over small things but those were the building blocks of growing up.
      Thank you so much. 🙂
      My keyboard is creating problems, I apologize for that.

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  6. Amartya This poem you created out of Jumbled Letters actually makes sense to me. It cries out from within my soul looking for that one person who haunts my heart to this day. Keep producing incredible posts !!

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