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Chaotic Peace

A light breeze caressed the edges of the grass cover and made its way through the meadows.

I sit here, on this arm-chair, trying to inhale your essence, but they say, you are now a shining star in the night sky.

I haven’t questioned, them but they always try to comfort my soul, with fake assurance and promises. I simply laugh at them, and try to adapt to the truth as much as is possible for me.

I know you are beside me, as you always were then. Maybe a bit stronger, now that I can’t see you anymore, but the slight touch of your hand on my shoulder still makes me blush, the same way twenty five years ago the young girl did.




I am paralysed and incapable of making new memories, but a hearty thanks to you for all the memories you gave me to cherish. I nurture them, and always bathe in those moments, until I find me laughing at myself.

Asleep, I can always feel your eyes gazing at me, from that dark corner, waiting eagerly, your expression unreadable.

Sometimes, in the middle of night, I can hear you sing a melancholy tune as if you too yearn for my presence.

But, don’t you realise, we are on different realms now, and we are captivated by own own demons?

To all those mornings when no one can wake me up, how I long for you to touch my lips with yours, and give me the same jolt you did twenty five years back.

The bangles don’t fit anymore, but my hands refused to discard them long ago. They are tight and withered, yet my thin hands hold them just fine.

My eyes, they always feel heavy. I am in constant fear, that if I close them, I will never open them again, but somewhere and somehow, the inner satisfaction never disappoints

The very night I choked you to death, all my worries gave in to mourning. I mourned for your peace, I mourned for your smile, I mourned for you to be reincarnated.

Your sins were weary with the evil and there was no place for mercy, no place for redemption.

Everyday, when they can’t calm me down and tie me up in straps, in that dark corner I can see your sadistic smile and the satisfaction in your eyes.



From reflection to shadows, they all whisper silent tales.

23 thoughts on “Chaotic Peace

  1. This was an incredibly mesmerizing and riveting piece. I loved reading it because you articulated your thoughts in such a relatable and beautiful way that it was almost like your words were speaking to me directly. I can’t imagine how much depth you have in real life if you have so much here.

    P.S. I’m still gawking. At your enticing words, that is.

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