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Trusted Betrayal

In this world, where keeping up a façade is an obsession for this mankind, the only real thing that ever exist is betrayal or being betrayed.

It is like a bad medication or some red pill from the witch’s story. The moment you close your eyes and swallow it, the silent killer starts seeping in through all your senses. 

But funny as it seems it never reaches your stomach to inflict you physical pain from inside. But instead what you feel is agony and despair. You feel as if the pill has travelled millions of miles and fell right onto the most obscure corner of your heart, “Your Soul.”

 The free fall is precise and well measured. It leaves a minor scar but, the scar is small enough to change your life catastrophically. 

Trust and faith evaporates in a blink of an eye, all that remains is a soul burnt from vengeance and despair, waiting to crumble and turn to ashes.

When the devil’s wicked laughter mocks your whole life, you ponder again and again over the question..

“Was this life really worth living?” 

 ©Dreaming Reality 2017.

So this was one of my first blog post on my old blog an year back. Incidentally seven months later when I returned to that website to re-read my early writings this particular piece struck me as it was appealing and precise. So I thought about modifying it a bit and re-post it in this blog which is like a virtual home now. I don’t know how many of you will agree but, for me this has been so relatable. 

You can check out the original post here.



From reflection to shadows, they all whisper silent tales.

31 thoughts on “Trusted Betrayal

    1. Good question … I love and serve both God and people, but trust Only One! Betrayal hurts, but it’s worth it. I no longer trust myself, or another, only God.

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  1. This piece was perfectly penned. You describe it well. As it is in life, these things happen. Just a small crack, can effect everything else. It looks minor, but the pain is unbearable.
    Great post!

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  2. I love how you’ve portrayed betrayal in this piece so honestly and articulately. It truly is a devastating and heart-breaking thing and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. If you’re writing from personal experience, I hope you have found peace within yourself because I feel like people are bound to betray you and leave (generally speaking, but that’s just my opinion). It’s almost like it’s become normal, even though that seems so wrong in itself. But I love the title too! Well said, my friend. Every word.

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    1. I also wish that no one suffers through this phase, as it had been terrible for me.
      I’m much better now than I was last year. I agree with you people do betray but sometimes it is illusive.

      And a hearty thanks to you for appreciating me. There is so many things yet to learn about life. 🙂
      Best Wishes.

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      1. I understand what you’re saying completely.
        It’s great that you’re better, and yes, at times, it is and I myself don’t realize it in the moment fully.

        The pleasure is all mine. True, but I think I’m already on the ride and I won’t be getting off soon, if you get what I mean! Likewise.

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