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You are liberal,

You are free,

Your sins are at my mercy,

But you are my Bree. 

I cry on the lethal edge,

Of your sharpened knife.

I cry on the wounds,

Of  my punctured pride.

All I see is your devilish grin,

But the fear of

Your demeanor mean, 

Causes my heart to ache, 

A beating sound so comfortably fake, 

That numbs my senses so does my soul,

Until it quits

The viscious hole.

©Jumbled Letters 2018. 


 I dont even know if this is a legit poem. But I just wanted to share with you all and know about your opinions. Not active so much lately, as I’m running about from ideas to ideas unable to shape them. 

Thank You for your support as a week back my blog just got 200 followers. I found a family in this community. 



From reflection to shadows, they all whisper silent tales.

39 thoughts on “Fierce 

  1. Practicing the art of life, making of one’s life a “work of art” is equivalent in our liquid modern world to remain in a state of permanent transformation, to be redefined perpetually transforming (or at least trying) into someone different from the one that has been gone until now. This is my experience after having read your text. Congratulations.
    I invite you to read my most recent publication called “Thus I met Pablo Escobar” … Gabo arrives at the time. I share the link


  2. Wow.. It’s nice.. Sometimes fear of making mistakes gains the position of our thought, and thereby making the writings stagnant…. Courage is the key…💓

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  3. Perhaps don’t try to shape ideas. Just write everything down and let them take shape naturally when it’s their time. I find the best stuff comes without right-brain interference. It just flows, oftentimes already pre-packaged perfectly. We are just the vessels through which they enter this world and are broadcast to others.

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    1. Yes. But sometimes life become stagnant. Neither it moves forward nor backward. Just standstill.

      I agree with you that relax mind indeed free flows. Thank You for your advice. 🌸

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      1. I actually remember a period like that, where I perceived life to be stagnant. Through writing, I realised that my task was not to push or pull myself one way or another, but to simply be. And go deeper internally. We’re so conditioned to believe that we have to keep moving all the time. That stillness is stagnation, which is bad. And it’s simply not true. The simpler life of previous generations held greater happiness overall, I believe, because they appreciated the natural pace of a world which wasn’t moving at hyperspeed, like our world today.

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