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Our City, My City

I’ve not seen enough of this city, but every time I walk with slow measured steps  slithering my way just like a reptile through the narrow lanes of humanity  there are those walls and streets from above and below reeking with expectations, emotions, heartbreaks, apathy, and pensive sadness lurking in the darkness.

Its a place where emotions run dry and expectations crosses every threshold.
More often than not the mysteries and histories hiding underneath the rubble of so many political upsurge are caught between the uncertainty and certainty of our reality.
It is a city which whispers in the forlorn night when the bustling of the ever increasing enigma of humanity has settled down and all that is left behind in that cold night is the call of the melancholy. It weeps with you under the solitary rainfall, and shows its wrath in those innumerable vandalism which is a consequence of your fury buried long underneath the remains of your broken heart.

The place where time stops whenever destiny pulls you into the sacred bond of love. A place where the intoxicated air you breath is a blessing from heaven and also a place where the charisma of unity has a magical appeal to it.

The walls of the centuries standing upright has seen so many promises of forever and also have witnessed the countless processions towards the “burning ghat” where you take the first step on the stairway to afterlife.

With the end of another day, the cacophony of this ever demanding city life, turns to the melody of prayers as the thousands and thousands of the urban human return to their home, with a wish of a new day and a new start.

Our city is an emotion. 

Mine is nostalgia. 

Together it is our “City Of Joy.”



From reflection to shadows, they all whisper silent tales.

49 thoughts on “Our City, My City

  1. Kolkata has its special place in Indian history..the way you expressed is day I will walk on the streets of lovely Kolkata by remembering your words

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  2. Powerful writing, you could be describing any city of India … but we all know that the City of Joy is Calcutta! So big I guess it can never be fully known but where life and death mingle closely 🙂

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