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Deep into the Abyss

There was a longing or perhaps a wild wish for everything becoming perfect once again. But the reveries had n​o real world existance, and all that she experienced was pain, chaos and a feeling of despair.

She despised herself for his situation, and even on somedays would go up to the extent of hurting herself. Her inner peace was in pieces and was under the threat of becoming extinct. 

For long hours she would sit idly and stare blankly at the ceiling. This was her only way of achieving solace. 

No more, she could bear the constant beeping of the heart monitor nor could bear the site of IV tubes piercing his skin all over his tiny body. She wanted him to wake up and smile at her through his toothless mouth. 

She wanted to hold him in her arms once again, touching his warm cheek against hers and feel all the love sipping in through their skin. Her love for him was timeless, and could defy every negativity in this world. 

She could feel the strings of their love, pulling tight around her neck, and there was a stifling sensation along with a fear creeping up through her spinal cord. 

The desperation she felt was beyond any measure and she was ready to trade her life for his. Draping a cloth round her head she folded her hands in prayers. Her spiritual self was awakened by the long months of distress and emotional agony. 

These few months was hard for her to accept. The reality of the situation felt like a myth, an understatement perhaps. 

The inevitable was looming in the nearby future. She have never felt so closely attached to him than now. Her eye lashes flickered and there were silent sobs, followed by uncontrollable convulsions. 

This was it. She knew it was time to get set on the heavenly abode. With a last wish to her son, she left the silent hallway slowly pacing towards the window. It was rather choice for no choice at all. Her company was bound to pay the accidental compensation which she knew would be enough for her son’s treatment. Looking back at the dimly lit hallway her smile, faded into oblivion and soon her body was flung into air falling down deep and deep into the abyss. 

©Jumbled Letters 2018.



From reflection to shadows, they all whisper silent tales.

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