Faithless Faith

A feeling of despair was growing in her brain. It was like a parasite slowly engulfing her sanity as well as, her rational mind. There was also a sense of oppressiveness from the rebukes and criticism thrown at her which wounded her from deep within. 

Her purpose of living was slowly slipping away into oblivion and there was an emptiness instead. 

Day in day out, her sorrows and anxieties haunt her like a ghost and there is a fear growing deep within, the fear of more to come. Her resilience has fallen down and the guard she had put up against all the odds was too vulnerable and was prone to breaking easily. 
With closed eyes and folded hands she bowed in-front of the almighty in hope of a miracle, but the anticipation of something bad was about to happen, chocked her and made her intake shallow breaths. The minimum air required to be barely alive. 
The cold hearted battle of rational and irrational mind was causing her much agony and there was faith running wild inside her, looking for a place to seek refuge.
All she wanted is to raise her voice and point her fingers at those cynical eyes. They were the reason of her being the living corpse, the only reason of her demise before actually dying. 

“Weren’t they criminals?” She thought. 

Perhaps in disguise.”




  1. The slight blur in the accompanying picture goes pretty well with what you have expressed in this one. Absolutely loved the choice of words as well as that of the image ๐Ÿ™‚


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