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World Beyond

She looked through the window towards the sky. The dark clouds were now thundering but there were no sign of rain, one of the nature’s hovoc she finds peace in. The sound of the raindrops falling on the glass was sheer melody to her. The only access to nature’s music.

She felt like a prisoner, serving a life sentence. A ‘special person’ as they say it. She felt like running away from this life and stepping into someone else’s footsteps, but her leg was fraile and her body was tired. Tired of running from the truth. Tired of denying the reality.

Her life was like a house of cards waiting to be blown away. Though she has accepted her fate but regret is like a pinprick below her footsteps.

It was dark outside and there were very less people down the street but she regognized a few.

‘Rebecca. The lady who takes her small child to the park everyday, stops by the ice cream parlour to buy him one. Today there was no disruption to her routine but her son had dropped the ice cream and was crying frantically for another one.’

This made her remember her mother. The mother who have abandoned her and had shaken off all her responsibilities from her shoulder. Perhaps, it was all her fault. She was a liability after all.

She wiped off the tears, and through the blurry outline could see Dave standing by the post box smoking a cigarette.

He was the guy she always wanted. She had often fantasized about him but her body was incapable once again to feel the adrenaline rush.

And there was Mrs. Matilda at the fruit seller’s arguing about the prices. Mrs. Matilda always made her happy as she swayed from right to left while arguing.

And there were newly weds, the office goer, the self employed, the family person, the driver, the machinist, and the author. All these people, whom she had given names was her family.

She had lost hers but gained quite a few. The inevitable was nearby.

But before the misery she wanted to savour what it feels like to be in this world. She wanted to make memories to carry them in the heaven. She wanted to witness the peace and chaos of this world one last time.

Her brain cells were giving up steadily. So was her motor nurons. Her body has lost the battle against the evil and was slowly surrendering to death.

The inevitable death.

A month and a half says the doctor but she knows she can make more than that.

Perhaps Forever.




From reflection to shadows, they all whisper silent tales.

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