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The Night We Met

We met somewhere like two strangers.

The strangers who were walking their own way. No crossroads would have stopped their journey nor any invading force. They were determined with fire running through their veins. They had a glimmer in their eyes and everything seemed surreal.

But when everything goes fine, fate intervenes. It is like a pesimistic window in the wall of optimism. A force that balances the odds of our life and prevents us to stray from all the wrong-doings.

Didn’t you notice, my smile?

An incentive to awaken your inner lust.
You were caught up in your mind, unable to find a plausible reason.
Still I saw you turning towards me looking straight into my eyes. But you failed once again. The power of persuasion was weak enough against my will to play with you.

My playful face, was just a reflection of my actual being. Where everything is opposite to what you can grasp. But still you chased me day in day out. The corner of your eyes never leaving my breast and then in a swift motion those pair would guide your eyeshight straight to my crotch.

I wonder, have you ever fantasize me?
Of seeing me naked?
Perhaps, your eyes have stripped me right out of my clothes and then put my skin back in a different one.

Can you tell me, did I look gorgous in those different dresses of your imagination?
Or was it barely holding any?

You were the perfect person. The person of my dreams. The perfect stranger and the perfect pray of mine.

I still can feel the shiver of your body on the edges of my finger tips. The shiver which bore a lot of emotions.
Every deep breath, brings in your fragrance and my tongue still caresse my bottom lip, which I bit too hard that day.

It was not a hallucination.
Everything you felt was true.

Today I can still see your eyes, searching for mine. But the straps that hold you to the hospital bed tells a different story.
The scar on your face has faded, but the stiches on your stomach will never let this memory to slip away.

You had a terrible disease. And I relieved you from your agony.




From reflection to shadows, they all whisper silent tales.

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