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Mind of mine

What about the memories?

The sad and the happy ones,

the normal and the bitter ones?

Our brain is a funny thing. We don’t remember our lessons well but when it comes to memories we remember every single one.


When our mind reigns over us, we helplessly beg for mercy, but the brain remains firm and stubborn in its decision. It compels us, to live every moment in our dreams. We fall into illusions and just like a needle, every moment pricks us in our heart.

The cold and forlon heart bleeds sorrow in which we bathe along with our ego. Our mind screams to retaliate but the heart is fragile enough to let it pass.

We are selfish, but however evil we may be, a part of our heart always feels guilty about our sins and seeks redemption on our behalf.

Our heart lives the illusions our brain potrays. It never complains about the pain it undergoes. Though it is absolutely fragile, hope keeps it together, preventing it from falling apart.

Maybe someday, somewhere a slight tremor will render us breathless and the heart will lose its battle against the countless memories. And at that very moment the creepy smirk of our mind will send a shiver down the spine of the mightiest.




From reflection to shadows, they all whisper silent tales.

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